Vision Mission Banner-07

To create World class leading Hotel chain and F&B brands that reflect our country’s rich cultural heritage and wonderful natural location as one of the world’s most popular tourist destination.

Vision Mission Banner-08
  • Building world class hotel chain that is ecologically and economically sustainable in exotic and unique destinations all over Indonesia.
  • Building local F&B brands that is unique, sustainable and ethical with great profitability.
  • Building extensive marketing network with our local partners to create eventful experience four customer to enjoy and to further increase our brand awareness.
  • Representing Indonesia’s distinct characteristic of friendliness and hospitality to all our clients through our top notch services.
  • Valuing the importance of balgany’s intellectual capital by linking knowledge management, strategic human resource diversity management.
  • Building Cultural awareness and capturing the attention of a larger audiences both regionally and globally through our fun, innovative, and creative approach.
  • Embracing and protecting the grace of the nature that has been entrusted to us.